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Contact Lens Exams & Fittings

Why Do I Need a
Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lens eye exams are the key to delivering you the most comfortable lenses and the clearest eyesight. We’re committed to providing you with contacts that fit flawlessly and improve your vision, and our experienced team has the industry’s most advanced eye technology to do just that.
Woman in orange dress at her eye exam
Eye doctor and a girl at an eye exam

What’s Different About a
Contact Lens Exam?

If you wear glasses, you’re familiar with how we create your vision prescription during a standard eye exam. However, contact lens exams differ in two key ways. One, the vision prescription is different because contacts sit on your eye, rather than resting slightly further out on your nose. Two, we take precise measurements of your eye and provide lens fittings to ensure that you see comfortably and clearly.

Why Choose
University Vision Centre?

Simply put, we want to be your easy, obvious choice for contact lens care. Our experts take the time to learn about you and your eyes, and use ultraprecise tools — like the cutting-edge sMap3D scleral topographer — to get a complete picture of your cornea. After mapping your eyes, we analyze, measure, customize, and order contact and specialty lenses tailored perfectly for you!
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Best of El Paso

The Best Contact Fitting In El Paso, TX

You can trust our team of the best optometrists in El Paso, TX, to care for your vision needs. We’ll help you get contacts that fit, and of course help you see, better than ever!

types of contacts we offer

We serve a huge variety of eyes, and are proud to offer nearly every type of specialty contact lenses you may need:
Woman fitting her soft lenses

soft lenses

One of the most prescribed varieties of contact lenses, soft lenses can correct a range of vision problems, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. Soft lenses can also come in a variety of options, such as daily disposable or overnight lenses.

Blonde woman wiping her teary eyes

gas permeable lenses

Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses are more durable and breathable than soft lenses, but they require some maintenance. These specialty lenses last up to a month at a time and are compatible with many front-of-eye conditions, like dry eye.

Eye with diabetic retinopathy

scleral lenses

These subset of RGP lenses arch over the pupil and iris, extending to rest on the white outer layer of your eye, known as the sclera. They’re an excellent option for patients who have irregular or sensitive corneas.

Old man with glaucoma

ortho-k lenses

These child-friendly lenses are worn overnight to gently reshape the cornea while you sleep, which reduces nearsightedness during the day and slows myopia’s progression. They’re used as part of our myopia management plans for developing eyes.

Old woman holding her phone

hybrid lenses

Hybrid lenses provide patients with the visual clarity of RGP lenses, while preserving the flexibility and comfort expected from soft lenses. They’re a great pick for patients who have astigmatism or find RGP lenses uncomfortable.

Woman's amniotic membrane

Amniotic Membranes

While not technically contacts, they can serve a similar role as specialty lenses in the treatment of cornea conditions. A newer technology, amniotic membranes like the PROKERA ® corneal bandage can reduce inflammation from ocular surface disease, restoring your cornea health and vision.

order your contacts online

Get your contact lenses without ever even needing to leave your home! We make it easy to order your contact lenses online, so you’re never without your next box when you need them!

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“The office on the east side is conveniently located, the doctor and the whole staff were friendly and extremely helpful. All of the personnel seemed happy to be working there”

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–  Cynthia F.

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“This is my 3rd year going back. The doctors are very friendly and take the time to answer your questions. The front and optical staff are extremely helpful and professional. Got my glasses sooner than expected. I will continue to get my eye exam and glasses at University Vision Center, best place in El Paso.”

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– Judy C.

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“This place is by far the best vision center I have ever been to! All the staff members were friendly and displayed excellent customer service throughout my appointment. The technician explained each procedure thoroughly and the doctor answered all of my questions. When selecting frames, the staff also took the time to explain the difference in cost and assisted in finding the best option for my budget. Overall, I’m so thrilled with my experience! Highly recommend!”

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– Genesis L.

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“Been coming here for 16 years. Always good service with the doctors and the staff. They listen and care.”

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– Adrian O.