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The Scleral Solution to Traditional Contact Lenses

If you’ve had trouble wearing traditional contact lenses in the past, scleral lenses might be perfect for your eyes. These specialty lenses are a wonderful vision correction option for those with a broad range of eye conditions, including atypical vision prescriptions, corneal injuries, keratoconus, and dry eyes. Customized to you, our experts will let you know if scleral lenses can provide you with clear, comfortable vision without glasses!

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Scleral lens at University Vision Centre


These lenses have the largest diameter of all the rigid-gas permeable lenses and are comprised of silicone to allow more oxygen to pass to the eye. Whereas traditional contacts cover only your cornea, the fixed shape of scleral lenses arc over your cornea entirely and instead rest on your sclera, the white part of your eyes. With their rigidity, not only do they provide sharper vision, but they also create a tear reservoir, making them perfect for those with < href="/dry-eye-treatment/">dry eye disease.

Scleral Lens Fittings at University Vision Centre

Discover customized solutions for your one-of-a-kind eyes with our scleral lens fittings at University Vision Centre. Our expert doctors utilize state-of-the-art technology to make a digital mold of your cornea and sclera. Once we have your precise measurements, we send them to a lab to make custom lenses that are perfectly suited to your eyes!
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Why Choose Us for Your Specialty Scleral Contact Lenses

Our compassionate, multi-lingual doctors provide every patient with a full-service eye care experience. Whether we’re showing you how to keep your scleral lenses in tip-top shape, or simply finding the right lenses for the whole family, we use modern techniques and advanced technology to provide the best care in El Paso.


Providing expert care to our El Paso community means being able to explain our procedures and solutions to our patients in a language they understand. We host a multi-lingual team of doctors who provide world-class care in either English or Spanish, so you never miss a thing when it comes to your vision.
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Specialty Contact Lenses in El Paso

No matter what condition your eyes are in, we can provide you with long-lasting relief, crisp sight, and greater flexibility with our specialty contact lenses. Our multilingual team of doctors are experts at finding contact lens solutions for “hard-to-fit” eyes, and we carry a vast array of specialty lenses so you can see clearly and comfortably!

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