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Migraine Relief in El Paso

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Did You Know Certain Wavelengths of Light Can Cause Migraines?

In fact, three wavelengths of light have been shown to cause light sensitivity, which can lead to painful migraines. The three wavelengths most associated with photophobia-related pain are amber, red, and blue. Though naturally occurring, these wavelengths are responsible for triggering about 60% of all migraines.

Learn More About Avulux Migraine Relief Glasses

Get Migraine Relief with Avulux Lenses at University Vision Centre!

Relief is in sight with Avulux lenses, an innovative lens technology engineered to filter out up to 97% of the red, amber, and blue light wavelengths responsible for light sensitivity. Using advanced precision filters, Avulux lenses block out harmful wavelengths while allowing in over 70% of green light, which has been shown to reduce painful symptoms once they’ve started and prevent migraines from coming on in the first place! Discover the elegant solution to migraines with Avulux, available at University Vision Centre.

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Wanting to find migraine relief? Ask us about our risk-free trial!

With and without Avulux treatment

The Benefits of Avulux Migraine Treatment Glasses

  1. No Side Effects
    As simple as putting on a pair of glasses — no medication necessary!
  2. No Color Distortion
    You can expect crisp, vivid color with Avulux’s next-generation light filters.
  3. No Time Away
    Recover faster and minimize how often migraines occur thanks to Avulux’s unique lens technology.


of people with migraines experience photophobia.


of harmful blue, amber, and red light is blocked by Avulux migraine and light sensitivity lenses, while allowing soothing green light through.


of Axon Optics wearers say their Avulux glasses help them effectively manage the impact of light, minimizing pain.

Get Your Migraine Relief Glasses from a Provider You Can Trust: University Vision Centre!

When it comes to something as essential as your eyewear, don’t settle for guessing with online retailers when your community eye care providers at University Vision Centre are ready to help you! Our optometrists can precisely match your prescription to Avulux lenses, for a custom pair of glasses that fulfills both your vision needs and is an effective anti-migraine solution. Even if you don’t need a prescription, we’ll help you fit Avulux lenses seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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Still Not Sure?
We Offer a Risk-Free Trial!

If you’re not completely certain that Avulux is right for you, we can help you make your decision with our risk-free trial! Ask us about trying out Avulux lenses, and we’ll get you set up to see what they can do for you!


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Rebeca Alcantara
Very professional and kind staff. They don’t keep you waiting very long.
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cina maresca
This has been my eye doctor for over 20 years. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff and doctors.
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Deana Duquesne
Knowledgeable staff who are always courteous & helpful.
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Cecilia Montoya
I'm Always Very Satisfied with my visits at University Vision Centre, Dr's & staff are very Professional and Caring. Left for a year & came back, service at other places Do Not Compare to University Vision Centre...
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
The Contact Lense Associates are 💯! And my Eye exam Doctor was very well Educated M.D. 👌

Migraine Relief Glasses in El Paso

At University Vision Centre, we’re proud to provide high-quality eye and vision care to the wonderful people of El Paso. Our bilingual staff can provide you with personalized care in English or Spanish and will help you work Avulux lenses into your lifestyle to help you get relief from your migraines.

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