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We want every visit to University Vision Centre to feel like a win. Accomplishing that takes both hard work and flexibility, and we do so with our range of high-quality eye care services and personalized treatments to fit your unique needs. Our passion is making the finest eye care accessible to you!
University Vision Centre Clinic

Routine Eye Exams —
More Than Just a Prescription

Annual eye exams aren’t just something you do before you get new glasses or contacts — they’re a crucial tool for us to monitor your eyes and ongoing vision health. At University Vision Centre, we offer a number of different types of eye exams to cover all your vision needs.
Comprehensive Eye Exams


Visiting University Vision Centre for a comprehensive eye exam helps us identify any potential issues going on with your eye, now or that may develop in the future. Our skilled doctors use advanced diagnostic equipment to determine what treatments or eyewear are the best for your needs.

Pediatric Eye Exams


Your children’s eyes need special attention, and our expert team of doctors loves to cater to children. They’re trained to identify and treat conditions more commonly found in younger eyes and make the entire process unscary and even fun for children!

Diabetic Eye Exams


Diabetic retinopathy is a diabetes complication that can affect your vision, but we can catch its first warning signs. Late symptoms include blurred or fluctuating vision, dark spots, and vision loss, making early detection and management crucial to avoid these outcomes.

Contact Lenses Exams & Specialty Lenses

Contact Lens Exams & Specialty Lenses

Contact lenses can be a terrific eyewear option for many people, but they require a special exam to properly fit your eyes and correct vision. Our doctors map out your eye for an accurate and comfortable fit and can recommend a lens to match your vision needs, including specialty options such as scleral lenses.

Our Specialty Eye Care Services

Our staff is experienced with, and prepared for, anything your vision may need. We provide a variety of specialty services to address difficult cases and conditions.
Woman eye drops and dry eye treatment

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye disease is an uncomfortable condition which causes inflammation, pain, and damage to the surface of the eyes. We use the latest technology and cutting-edge treatments to help provide you quick relief from dry eye, even in El Paso’s dry climate!
Myopia management for children

Myopia Management

We always want your children to see the classroom, field, and their friends clearly and with the least amount of correction necessary. Our myopia management treatment program helps protect their eyesight and their eye health. These solutions correct vision and prevent myopia from progressing over time.

Migraine Relief

Some wavelengths of light — such as red, blue, and amber — are associated with light sensitivity, which triggers about 60% of all painful migraines. Avulux lenses filter out 97% of these harmful wavelengths while allowing more than 70% of soothing green light to pass through, preventing migraines and reducing symptoms. This advanced solution to migraines can be worn as a preventative measure throughout the day or just when you feel a migraine coming on!

Advanced Ocular Care

Eye conditions can affect anyone, so it’s important to have an expert who knows you well to help keep your vision in top shape. Our advanced diagnostic tools help identify and treat serious potential issues and concerns, so we can monitor your eyes over many years and provide you with the right solutions.
Eye Disease Diagnose


Thanks to our collective expertise and advanced technology, we are skilled at diagnosing eye diseases and their symptoms before they threaten your vision. We’re passionate about patient education and happy to explain what’s happening with your eyes — and how we can correct the problem together.

Emergency Eyecare


Eye emergencies can unfortunately happen, but we’re here to take care of your eyes when things get scary. If you’re facing an unexpected eye health concern, don’t delay; contact our offices as soon as you can during regular business hours. Our expertise on eyes can make us a much better option than an ER. If you experience an after hours emergency, call our office and follow the instructions for an emergency. One of our doctors will contact you within an hour.

Surgery Co-Management


If your eyes need something we don’t specialize in, we’re still here to guide you through your surgery and recovery period. Our staff works with a wide network of skilled specialists to co-manage a variety of surgeries. Even though we aren’t performing the procedure, we’re invested in your success.


Rebeca Alcantara
Rebeca Alcantara
Very professional and kind staff. They don’t keep you waiting very long.
cina maresca
cina maresca
This has been my eye doctor for over 20 years. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff and doctors.
Deana Duquesne
Deana Duquesne
Knowledgeable staff who are always courteous & helpful.
Cecilia Montoya
Cecilia Montoya
I'm Always Very Satisfied with my visits at University Vision Centre, Dr's & staff are very Professional and Caring. Left for a year & came back, service at other places Do Not Compare to University Vision Centre...
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
The Contact Lense Associates are 💯! And my Eye exam Doctor was very well Educated M.D. 👌

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We are proud to provide our patients with the finest eye care and all of our incredible services at either of our two convenient locations: excellent eye care is never far away in El Paso, TX.

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