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University Vision Centre

Our Eye Technology

We Can See Issues Long Before You Notice Them

At University Vision Centre, our experienced doctors use the latest technology in all our diagnostics and services to deliver only the most precise readings — and tailored treatments. This cutting-edge equipment allows us to uncover potential issues well before they impact your sight or quality of life.

Patient having an eye exam with his eye doctor
Mother and her daughter having an eye exam

Conditions We Detect with Our Eye Technology

Our incredible diagnostic tech allows our doctors to see a huge range of eye conditions and start treating them as early as possible. From identifying dry eye disease and glaucoma, to providing emergency eye care and surgery co-management, our technology helps us keep you seeing clearly.

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Avulux Lenses

Light sensitivity is the cause for around 60% of migraines, and we now offer a convenient solution to them — Avulux lenses! These advanced lenses filter up to 97% of migraine-triggering red, amber, and blue light while allowing soothing green light to pass through. Avulux can fit into almost any new frame and can be worn as a preventative throughout the day or as an on-the-spot treatment when you feel a migraine coming on.

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Dry Eye

You may not realize your irritating symptoms come from dry eye — but when you visit our dedicated dry eye workstation, we’ll assess your eyes to identify the underlying cause of your specific case. Tests explore indicators like tear osmolarity and break-up time, as well as the health of the meibomian glands in your eyes, which play a key role in the production of tears.

Eye with diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy

The retina is at risk for a variety of diseases, but one of the most common is diabetic retinopathy, a serious complication of diabetes. We use a variety of equipment, including Optos retinal imaging and visual field tests, to identify issues at the earliest point so we can start management to protect your vision.

Old man with glaucoma


Dubbed the “silent thief of sight,” glaucoma is a condition that often shows very few warning signs. As such, it requires both a skilled eye and advanced equipment to detect. After we’ve identified signs of glaucoma using a variety of testing methods, including optical coherence tomography (OCT) and visual field testing, we can develop an individualized approach to your case.

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Macular Degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a common condition that affects the macula, a structure in the center of the retina. AMD affects your central vision, but can be difficult to detect in its early stages. To make sure we see it as early as possible, we utilize a range of equipment, including OCT imaging and slit lamp exams, to start managing it as early as possible.

Old woman having an eye exam

Cataract Diagnostics

While cataracts are incredibly common, it’s not always obvious if you have them in their early stages. Topography and color vision tests can help us identify how severe the cataract is and what eyewear can help correct your vision, as well as guide us towards the best options for ultimately removing them with cataract surgery.

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Only the Best for
Our Patients

At University Vision Centre, we pair our incredible team of eye care experts with state-of-the-art diagnostic and vision care equipment, so your care is provided by the best, using the best.
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Get Your Perfect Prescription

Our digital phoropters help give us a complete picture of your eye and its dimensions, in a way that’s faster and more convenient than conventional equipment. Never worry about your clarity again — our technology helps us get the most accurate vision prescription possible. It’s so precise, in fact, we call it “the perfect prescription”!

Eye Treatment for Lasting Results

We use cutting-edge technology in our care because we want to provide patients with the most comfortable and effective treatments possible. By incorporating this advanced equipment into our testing procedures, we’re able to increase the likelihood of success by starting treatment and management sooner, and by having as much information as possible about your case.
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Why Choose University Vision Centre?

We’ve invested in the El Paso, TX, area, so in addition to an expert, caring team, our offices have tools you won’t find anywhere else in the region. We want you to understand everything happening with your eyes — and why — so we’ll walk you through our processes step-by-step and communicate every aspect of your care with you.

Our promise to you is that you’ll never have to choose between compassionate eye care providers and fantastic technology: at University Vision Centre, you’ll get it all!

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Rebeca Alcantara
Rebeca Alcantara
Very professional and kind staff. They don’t keep you waiting very long.
cina maresca
cina maresca
This has been my eye doctor for over 20 years. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff and doctors.
Deana Duquesne
Deana Duquesne
Knowledgeable staff who are always courteous & helpful.
Cecilia Montoya
Cecilia Montoya
I'm Always Very Satisfied with my visits at University Vision Centre, Dr's & staff are very Professional and Caring. Left for a year & came back, service at other places Do Not Compare to University Vision Centre...
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
Lagana Intel Platforms LLC est. 2018
The Contact Lense Associates are 💯! And my Eye exam Doctor was very well Educated M.D. 👌