Precision & Comfort

At University Vision Centre, we pride ourselves on offering everything our patients’ eyes need, all under one roof. This means we have an extensive range of contemporary technology and products available to ensure that our patients receive the most accurate care possible.

How We Measure Up

Improperly fit contact lenses are not only inconvenient and uncomfortable, they can actually injure your eyes and compromise your vision.

That’s why we invest in cutting-edge diagnostic and measurement systems. Our technology allows us to determine the best fit contact lenses for your eyes. With these capabilities, we are able to ensure you happily leave our office with properly fit contact lenses.

Our Process


First, we examine your eyes to ensure they are healthy enough to support the use of contact lenses. This part of the exam is generally included, regardless of whether you are new to contact lenses or have used them for years.

Then, we take precise measurements of the dimensions of your eyes. These measurements inform us of incredibly complex details regarding the shape and contours of your eyes. We will also determine your contact lens prescription, which differs from your glasses prescription.

Once we have completed the exam and fitting, we will select the lens that we believe will best suit your needs and send you home with a trial pair for approximately two weeks. If you discover any issues with the trial pair, we will reevaluate the type, brand, size, and prescription of the trial lenses to find a better alternative.