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Get the Most from Your Expiring Benefits
And We’ll Help You Save Even More!

Use your vision insurance and FSA funds at University Vision Centre, and get 50% off a second pair of frames!

Get The Most Out Of Your Benefits!

Phoropter IconEnsure Your Health with an Eye Exam
Glasses IconUpdate Your Vision & Fashion with Glasses
Contacts IconGet A Supply of Convenient Contact Lenses

Get the Most Out of Your Benefits!

There’s A Lot of Benefit to Using Your Benefits!

It’s no secret that the best way to see as clearly as possible, and make sure your eyes are still healthy, is to get your yearly eye care and refresh your eyewear. And odds are, you already have really easy-to-use benefits to help you save!

  • Have vision insurance? They offer freebies, discounts, and flat rates on everything from annual eye exams to glasses frames.
  • Have an FSA or HSA account? These pre-tax funds can be used on qualifying medical expenses — and most of our services qualify.

But a lot of these benefits share an important limitation in common: they expire at the end of the year. Most vision insurance perks reset whether you’ve used them or not, and while some FSA funds can be rolled over from one year to the next, in most cases you’ll lose unspent money.

And whether or not your benefits last, our appointment slots are filling up fast. If you want your eyes taken care of going into the new year, now’s the time to schedule!

Step 1:
Ensure Your Eye Health with An Eye Exam
Step 2:
Update Your Vision & Fashion with Glasses
Step 3:
Secure Your Supply of Convenient Contact Lenses

Ensure Your Eye Health with An Eye Exam

Maintaining your eyesight always starts with an eye exam. That’s not only because we provide your current vision prescription: it’s also because the single most important way to counter eye diseases is to detect them early and start managing them right away.

Update Your Vision & Fashion with Glasses

Your vision — and your fashion sense — can change a lot in a year. Whether your sight has changed, you’re looking for protection like sunglasses, or you just want a new look, a new pair of eyeglasses is just what the doctor ordered..

Secure Your Supply of Convenient Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can be one of the most convenient ways to correct your vision. But unlike glasses, you can’t keep using the same pairs! Getting your prescription updated and locking in an annual supply of contacts means you can start the new year with peace of mind.

Save Even More on Glasses with Our BOGO Deal!

There’s more than one way to save on eyewear before the year ends at University Vision Centre! Use your limited-time vision benefits or FSA funds towards a pair of frames — and get HALF OFF a second pair! Enjoy your savings the same day, or come back to University Vision Centre within 30 days to claim your BOGO 50% off deal on your second pair.

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Smiling older woman with a younger woman, both are wearing glasses.

Why Choose University Vision Centre?

There’s a reason our experienced, multilingual team of doctors has been trusted by the greater El Paso community for decades. When you choose University Vision Centre, you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best full-service eye care experience for you and your family — from our advanced facility, to our leading-edge technology, to our impressive selection of 1,200 frames. No matter what your eyes need, our multilingual team will take our time to help you understand everything about your eyes, needs, and benefits before choosing the treatments or eyewear that are best for you.


Get the Most Out of Your Benefits!

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