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Posted on 10-11-2017

What does it Mean to be Nearsighted?

You may not realize it, but not everybody has perfectly spherical eyeballs. In fact, small irregularities in the shape and size of human eyes are relatively common and can affect vision in a variety of ways. 

Nearsightedness, known clinically as myopia, is one such condition caused by irregularly-shaped eyeball...and it's actually a lot more common than you may realize!

               man having nearsighted vision problems

What it means to Have Nearsightedness (Myopia)

Nearsightedness affects about 3 in 10 people in the United States, making it an extremely common type of refractive error. By refractive error, we mean that the way light enters the eye is different than normal and thereby can impair eyesight.

For people who have nearsightedness, visual images tend to focus on a spot in front of, instead of directly on, the retina, which is thin layers of tissue overlying the inside of the back of your eyes and necessary for sight. This typically will happen if the person's eyeballs are too oblong (think egg-shaped instead of ball-shaped). 

How Exactly does this Affect Eyesight?

In general, people with nearsightedness will report that while they can see objects clearly that are close by, they cannot see objects clearly when they are far away. Nearsightedness may occur with or become complicated by other eye diseases including cataracts and glaucoma. 

How We Can Help Manage Your Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness and other types of refractive errors can be passed down through generations, so it's important to understand both your personal and family vision history. Our El Paso optometrist team can diagnose nearsightedness on a comprehensive eye exam and, based on our results, can implement a customized treatment plan. Effective management of nearsightedness primarily requires prescription eyewear (glasses and/or contact lenses) which will allow light entering your eyes to focus on the retina correctly. 

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