We Catch AMD Early to Prevent Vision Loss

Our thorough eye exams and high-tech approach
help fight AMD at its earliest stages

Your eye’s macula works hard. This small structure at the back of your eye plays a role in everything from clear central vision to making out details and colors.

The macula is also delicate — and many natural aging processes can damage it. This is called age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and is a leading cause of irreversible vision loss in people over age 50.

The good news is, we’ll help you stay a step ahead of AMD: our annual eye exams can catch its earliest signs, so we can start managing it well before any vision loss occurs. Everyone experiences some changes in their eyesight with age, but macular degeneration can be kept under control, and we’re here to keep your eyes covered with early detection and personalized treatment plans!

Over 50?
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Why Choose University Vision Centre

As AMD progresses, vision loss is irreversible. But early detection and preventative measures can help secure your eyesight and quality of life. We utilize cutting-edge technology to catch macular degeneration as early possible — long before vision loss occurs. And we’re always here to explain what’s happening with your eyes and plan your management, with your input. Some of our most advanced diagnostics include:

ForeseeHome: While most screenings test for dry AMD, this at-home, easy-to-use device checks for the more sudden-onset wet AMD twice a week. It immediately reports if there’s any issue — and is often covered by insurance!

AdaptDx Pro: How your eyes adjust to light is a subtle but effective way to test macular health, and this specialized tool does precisely that.

Optos optomap: This imaging device takes an ultra-widefield picture of the back of your eye so we can clearly see your retina and surrounding tissue.

The Best Way to Manage AMD? Catch It Early!

There are a number of ways for us to maintain your inner eye health and protect your macula: with personalized management plans, specialized supplements, and more. But the number one, most important thing we can do is look for early signs, or even risk factors, of AMD.

You’d never notice many of these on your own — high levels of fatty deposits called drusen near the macula, subtle shifts in how your eye reacts to changes in light — but our eye doctors and diagnostic technology can make sure you’re getting AMD care as soon as you need it.

Don’t wait until it’s too late: schedule your next AMD screening today!

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Alyssa A.

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff. All equipment was wiped down before use and the rooms were sanitary as well. I live out of town and I still make appointments with UVC when I know I will be in El Paso. I only trust them with my eye care. 100% recommend.”

Robert H.

“Great experience. I showed up a little early to my appointment, was seen on time. Quick and easy check in. Time with the specialist and doctor was outstanding, everything was explained to me in terms I could understand. Overall I am happy with my choice to make University Vision Center my eye care specialist.”

Nancy E.

“I struggled looking for a new optometrist. The health of my eyes are important to me. They have the latest technology and the physician explains the health of your eye from the inside to out. The experience was very professional and friendly. I even found it was very economical for my type of prescription.”